Food for Healthy Pancreas

To get your pancreas healthy, focus on foods that are rich in protein, low in animal fats, and contain antioxidants. Try lean meats, beans and lentils, clear soups, and dairy alternatives (such as flax milk and almond milk). Your pancreas won’t have to work as hard to process these.

Spinach, blueberries, cherries, and whole grains can work to protect your digestion and fight the free radicals that damage your organs.

Pancreatitis can also be genetic, or the symptom of an autoimmune reaction. In many cases of acute pancreatitis, the condition is triggered by a blocked bile duct or gallstones.

Cruciferous vegetables
Cruciferous vegetables make it to every list, and all this because of their high nutritional value. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage are extremely beneficial for protecting your pancreas against tumors. So don’t think twice, bring more of these veggies home and cook them the way you want to get numerous health benefits.

Sours foods like lemon improve the production of digestive enzymes in your body, thereby keeping the pancreas in a good state of health. The same effect can be seen by regular consumption of kiwis.

This herb is popular for the distinct flavor it gives to your food. It is a very effective treatment for the oxidation caused by diabetes. These properties of oregano prevent the insulin-producing organ from any damage.

Garlic acts as a major help for the pancreas. It helps in reducing the amount of sugar in your blood by increasing the insulin production by the pancreas. Basically, it keeps your pancreas in a good state of health.

Foods to avoid.
red meat
organ meats
fried foods
fries and potato chips
margarine and butter
full-fat dairy
pastries and desserts with added sugars
beverages with added sugars
If you’re trying to combat pancreatitis, avoid trans-fatty acids in your diet.

Fried or heavily processed foods, like french fries and fast-food hamburgers, are some of the worst offenders. Organ meats, full-fat dairy, potato chips, and mayonnaise also top the list of foods to limit.
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