40 Day’s Face Glow Roll On

Face glow: An Ayurvedic fairness lotion.

Price:- 180/7 ml

It is a ayurvedic formulation of a blend of ingredients like Turmenric (Curcuma longa)
(Reduces scars, glowing skin) , Manjistha (Rubia cordifoilia) (Reduces dry skin , rashes, acne), Rose (Rosa centifolia) water (remove dark circle), Keasr (Crocus sativa) (Reduces pigmentation) , Narangi extract (Lighten the skin tone). Together these ingredients make the skin softer and restore smoothness. The unique formulation of these 5 effective ingredients helps nourish the skin making the skin radiant and glowing. It is a complete skin care treatment for both male and female.

Why YOGIS 40 Day’s face Glow?

  • Keeps your skin healthy and beautifully radiant.
  • It helps get rid of acne, pimples.
  • Prevent Dark Circles.
  • It helps to fade scars, hyper pigmentation and repair skin.
  • Adds a glow to the skin.

Packing 7 ml





  • Tavagdoshar (Skin diseases), Varnya (Beauty aid)


Dose: – 10-12 drops twice a day or as directed by physician (For External Use Only)

Direction for use: 10-12 drops applied on affected area, wash after one hour or as directed by physician.



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