Diboo Control Tablet


It is a unique formulation of herbal ingredients developed scientifically as a great Ayurvedic
treatment for diabetes. It helps moderate elevated blood sugar, and brings down
hyperinsulinemia. It helps in maintain healthy cholesterol levels by increasing insulin
secretion from pancreas and the peripheral utilization of glucose. It acts as a healthy Ayurvedic
remedy for sugar control by providing for a a sense of well being, improves quality of life.

Why YOGIS Diboo Control Tablet?

  • Effective herbal formulation to control diabetes naturally.
  • GURMAR (Gymnema Sylvester) is the ingredient in it which reduces the
    amount of sugar absorbed by the intestines, lower cholesterol level, and
    stimulates insulin release in the pancreas.
  • It helps in achieving better control over blood sugar level and increases insulin
    secretion from pancreas.
  • It removes complications like weakness, exhaustion & tension due to diabetes.
  • It protects the patient from thirst, frequent urination, loss of body weight,
    blurred of eye vision, tingling sensation and tiredness, infection of skin, gums
    and urethra.

Packing: 21 Tablets


Dosage: 1 – 3 tablet thrice a day or as a directed by the physician.


21 Tablets, 42 Tablets


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