Mind Relax Tablet


Mind Relax Tablet: An Ayurvedic Relaxation Stress Relief Formulation
This formulation contains the most potent Ayurvedic herbs for supporting the mind even in
stressful situations. These herbs calm and relax the mind while simultaneously helping
concentration and focus. It gives the user a speedy and measurable relief from anxiety
symptoms that come from high stress and anxiety.

Why YOGIS Mind Relax Tablet?
· It helps to reduce Stress, Anxiety, Relieve Nervousness, Restlessness & Calm the
· The Anxiolytic, Neuro-protective & Antistress properties of BRAHMI (Bacopa
monnieri) may act as a good support to mental health, may help to calm brain and
· The herbs in this formulation support mental creativity and flexibility, making it easier
to handle stress.

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Dose:- 1 – 2 tablet twice a day or as a directed by the physician.

Anupan:- Fresh Water.


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