Suraksha Herbal Sanitizer


40 Day’s Yogis Ayurveda Herbal Sanitizer Suraksha

Price:- ₹250/500ml

Each 10 ml Contains :
Ushir (Vetiveria zizaniodes) Rt. Ext 0.5 mg
Nagarmotha ( Cyprus rotandus) Rt. Ext 0.2 mg
Shati ( Hedychium Spicatum) Rhizome Ext. 0.3 mg
Neem ( Azadirtha Indica ) Lf, Ext. 0.2 mg

Yogis Ayurveda Suraksha Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Yogis Ayurveda Suraksha Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Yogis Ayurveda Herbal hand Sanitizer is made from natural herbs and its really good and Keeping healthy hygiene.
Suraksha herbal hand sanitizer is herbal formula to keep your skin healthy and germ free. it is a Alcohol based hand sanitizer which will help you to get rid of infection
micro organism, Dust and Smoke etc. Routine use of Suraksha herbal hand sanitizer will help you to prevent from all the infectious diseases

Key ingredients
A) Usher:- It has anti bacterial properties.
B) Nagamuthu:- It has anti allergic and antifungal properties.
C) Neem :- Tt is great antiseptic and antimicrobial herb help to treat skin infections
D) Shathi:- It is used for fungal infections.

Yogis Ayurveda is serving in Ayurveda since 4 Generations. So this herbal Sanitizer is totally safe for you and your Family.
Suraksha is herbal based sanitizer helps for germ free life.
We believe ones you try our Sanitizer you will always prefer and recommend our Sanitizer only.

Indication :
Cleansing hands for general hygiene maintenance
Take 0.5 ml to 1 ml of gel Rub well over the palms
back of hands, fingers nails and grooves briskly
until dry.

Caution :
Inflammable. Keep away from fire. Do not use on
Sensitive areas of the Skin and raw skin,
If Skin irritation persists or if Swallowed accidentally,
Consult your Doctor. Avoid Contact with eyes.
If Contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.


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