Turnoff Tablet


It is a unique formulation for acidity and gas. Enrich with special ingredients like
sankh vati and sarjikshar. Quick relief formulation help to eliminate the core cause of
your trouble with in seconds.

Why YOGIS Turn Off Tablet?

  • Effective and Natural.
  • Lasting Relief from Acidity.
  • SARJIKSHAR Treats Metabolic Acidosis.
  • SANKH VATI is used as Antacid and Useful in Indigestion.
  • Eases the Release of Gas.
  • Get Rid of The Burning Sensation and Accompanied Discomfort that Makes You
    Regret Every Meal You Savour.
  • Provides Quick and Effective Relief.
  • Improves Overall Digestion.
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Dosage: 1 – 2 tablet. Twice or thrice a day or as a directed by the physician.


21 Tablets, 42 Tablets


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