40 Day’s Total Wellness Pack


40 Day’s Total Wellness Pack

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Products and Indications

  • 40 Day’s Energy Herbal Tea

Indications:- Rasayana (Rejuvenate), Balya (Strenthing And Weakness),Hridya(Heart Tonic), Pachak(Digestive), Vednasthapak (Pain Relief/Muscular Cramps), Dyslipidemia (Balance Of Cholesterol ), Anti Blockage, Anti Hypertensive.

  • Turn off Tablet

Indications:- Chronic Gas Problem, Udarshool (Abdominal Pain), Anti flatulence, Antacid,

  • Diboo Control Tablet

Indications:-  Prameh (Anti- Diabetic)

  • Kabajgul

Indications:- Virechak (Laxative), Hard Stool, Constipation, Hard/Tender Abdomen, Anti Flatulence And Carminative, Appetizer, Dyslipidemia, For Mild Weight/Inch Loss.

  • 40 Day’s Face Glow Kesar Yukt

Indications:- Tridoshaghan (Balance Of Tridosha), Paustik (Nutritious), Hridya (Heart Tonic), Hard/Tender Abdomen, Pain Relief/ Muscular Pains.

  • Jointofit oil

Indications:- Panguvata (Paraplegia), Manya Stambha (Neck Rigidity), Cervical Pain, Muscular Pains, Muscular Stiffness, Hard Muscles, Weak Mobility In Joints, Prashtha Stambha (Backache)

  • Shuddh Shilajeet

Indications:-  Rasayana, Male Infertility, Enhancing Testosterone Level, Energy Booster, Nutritious, Rejuvenating, Anti stress, For General Debility, Best Tonic For Diabetics


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